Rick J Reyna Jr



As a content strategist/creator, podcast host, published author, and Videographer; Rick specializes in writing & video filming/editing.

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About Me

Small town guy always looking to challenge myself in different ways. 33yrs young? Father of 4 and a Husband. I enjoy juggling multiple projects, researching every topic I can get my mind on, and I like to work out no matter the weather, spiritually/physically? besides when there's a tornado, I guess. Self-published my first book and living more life to fulfill writing my second one.


I've published a few online courses and have been on and off creating YouTube content for years now. I'm building a business because I want to be in charge of my income and time and I'd like to be able to teach or show the next person they can do it too.


I'ma gamer, soccer player, content creator, podcaster, blogger, writer and music artist. Like to share my unfiltered opinions and do the research to find some kind of truths in what I enjoy having deep conversations about. 


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