"A strong work ethic will get you far"-My Dad

Before my run today I received a text from my Dad with those exact words in the title.

"Awesome! A strong work ethic will get you far!"

What I'd come to realize wasn't until the near end of my run this afternoon, is that that same sentence is actually profound.

The commentators voice from runkeeper spoke so clearly from my Galaxy S20.

"Average pace, 10 min. and 52 second per mile..."

I thought to myself, "Hell Yeah! Improvement!"

Then it hit me, the flashbacks of all the incramental training sessions I'd been working on both, in front of the camera and off camera and it was now coming to life right before my eyes.

Those 10-20 yard sprints and soccer dribbling drills/practices, those 5-7 mile jogs through the hills at 5-10% grade (uphill and downhill), those sprints and jogs through the staircases at the local high-school were all....

building blocks to this very moment that were literally flashing through my mind.

I hadn't improved my time like this or with this kind of training before and actually enjoying my program was even more inspiring.

Then it hit me what my Dad told me...

I thought, it's true...

Nothing monumental was built over night and if it was....

it never lasted, well, if you think historically.

The Great Wall of China?


And especially...

The Egyptian Pyramids!

The pyramids are a perfect example for today's blog.


Look at each level built starting from the bottom up or the "foundation" AND...

Each BUILDING BLOCK laid to create the perfect level, shape and orientation of design we see today.

I mean.... 10 min per mile isn't my quickest time YET but what I'm getting at here is...

the work ethics it took to improve the time from 14-18 min per mile in a short period of time.

I'd say roughly 15-20 actual working days over a 4 week span.

The long sessions at the staircases = Building Block.

The 5-7 mile runs through the hills = Building Block.

The sprints and jogs at the track and on field with and without the soccer ball = a Building Block.

Think about it...

Every great player that touched any court or field did what?

Practiced, of course!

More than that, Repetition is always in the conversation when you hear about them from other players that either go against the greats, or that have seen or practiced with them.

And when they're on the field or the court for the real deal... sometimes they happen to play as though it's just practice and the power of that Repetition steps in and shines while complementing their talent.

And what do they go on to build with their building blocks?

Their metaphoric pyramids become legendary legacies.

So what are we saying?

Instead of trying to build the top of the pyramid and then work your way down...

Build the work ethic with building blocks (the foundation) FOR the area you may be interested in improving (Top of Pyramid).

I mean...

If the body builder wants to improve his or her squat....

What exercises/Building blocks would he or she use to improve their squat?

Body weight Lunges....

Weighted lunges....

The Leg press....



With that said, BE sure to give this a like, share and I hope you have productive and enjoyable training sessions!

Be Great!

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