Living in the Future.

Do you know what it's like to feel stuck?

Like no matter what you do or say, nothing happens?

I do, I know EXACTLY what it is too.

That means, your next question or thought is, how do you know?

It's a place of grief, depression, anxiety, uncomfort, darkness, unbelief, and so much more. Yet, plenty of words to let go of.

Let me ask this, what does the future look like 5-10 years from now, to you?

How would it feel..... right now? Not 5-10 years from now, but how would 5-10 years from now, feel like in the present moment?

Would it be, a place of hope?

Or a place of desperation?

Would it be what you expect?

How about this, do you have any expectation at all?

You can tell a lot about a person from what they expect and what they least expect.

The day I heard this, "Anxiety is just a lack of control".

So, depression is a feeling of what?

Low-liness, lack of self confidence, it's a pretty grey space, right?

When stuck in a place, it's usually going to have to do with, living in the past. Or unforgiveness either, with yourself, or someone else.

There are countless reasons, but of the many, I have felt, delt and faced plenty.

Three things we can't control,

The past, present and future.

BUT, you can find peace with the past by letting go of fears, doubts etc etc and becoming more presently aware by finding what it's like to start grabbing what isn't already here, with anticipation.

Start grabbing hold of what? Glad you asked.

The Future.

You may not know every detail of it, or any so to say.

But, what does trial and error do?

It teaches you right? Like first trying to ride your bike, you fall down, having just learning to ride with training wheels. Now. They're taken off, and your having to find your own balance.

One thing you won't do when learning to ride your bike without training wheels is, continuing to look back while trying to pedal, Right?

And when you first set out to ride your bike, you may not have known what you were getting yourself into but boy your finding out.

All is well though. If you have the guts and grit to get back up and try again and again, AND AGAIN. Then you most definitely should have the guts and grit to let the past be what it is and start thinking some things to existence, for the future.

Even if it doesn't happen the way you expect it, something still happens, but in a different way. We just miss it sometimes and start to wonder or say things like "why try".

Its that mentality that kills creativity and keeps great potential hidden.

Now your probably thinking, how do you just let go of things?

Your learning aren't you?

There's no secret, no road map, no words that can make you.

It's intentionality.

If an add on the freeway with a picture of Jenny biting a delicious burger can get you to stop by and buy fast food.

I'm 100% sure, intentional intentionality would work wonders in your life.

It's one thing for God to make things happen in your life but it's another to meet him in the middle. Might I add, it's not to say that God needs something from you, or that you can do something for him, but it is pitiful to think you aren't worth meeting halfways. Isn't it?

Find what makes you tick, search, look in the depths of your soul, spirit, mind, heart, the places that matter.

Find it, grow it, live it. Be great my friend, if no one has told you today, you are already amazing, sometimes you just have to be reminded.

With Peace and Love,

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