Starting a business

Let's be honest. I never knew what it was really going to take to start my own company.

Looking back now, everything in my life was truly meant to be. I was in the incubation period. Getting prepared, learning, overcoming and building character.

I threw my tantrums, had my rants, achieved my victories and had many more, lessons learned.

The stress back then, was then.

Depression back then, was then.

Today, it's not about any of that.

This post is to let you know....

If your thinking about making a sudden change, there is no way specific way to put it, but if you have just the thought alone, that is a sign you are not living in, up to, or have not yet found your full potential.

For years I procrastinated, then started again, thought I had it, messed up, then procrastinated some more, worked really harder, thought I had it, messed up again, then repeat. Now, I don't want you to get the wrong impression, it's still a continuous learning game.

That's a great thing. Nothing wrong with it.

If there's one great piece of advice I could give you, it would be, to have no fear about getting wisdom.

Although you may not always see it, there is always something greater ahead. As bad as it might get sometimes, find peace where you're currently at, plant that seed of peace early, and nourish it.

Treat that seed of peace like a baby in an incubator as well, and live your life.

My name is Ricardo J Reyna Jr aka Ghost

Representing my company GM1988 LLC.

My purpose is to serve, coach and believe in you, more than you do yourself.

Thank God for always being there and every single person I have ever learned any piece of knowledge, insight or wisdom from. Thank you.

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