The Marathon

Ever hear someone talking about living in the future before it happens?

If you're wanting to make an impact in the world, here's a serious strategy I use when running long distances.

If you know how to generate energy when your SOOOOO tired it's like...

you don't "think" you can keep going.

Well, this is part of that powerful moment when you begin to look into the future, embrace it, feel it, and start to get to know it!!

When you look back or to both sides of you, remember, making an impact means it's bigger than you too...

but hey, the photo says it all.

So don't forget who's running this marathon with you.

You can start by thinking about the spiritual words that make you special...

maybe Joy? Happiness? Creativity? Wisdom? Knowledge? Grit? Ambition? Or originality?

There are literally hundreds of words that make up who you are inside.

Then, you can start to think about family?

Friends? Future friends? Team members? Co-workers? A boss? Or even you?

THEN, you can go another step further and start to think about your goals? Your vision/s? Your "why?" All of that!

I'll go as far as saying, part of Optimism is having the creativity to use the value of positive thoughts and turn them into a longterm mental mindset of success. SO...

When you envision all that greatness, think about energy. When it gets another burst of MORE energy injected into it, what does it do? It charges up!

And YOU turn on the turbo to take flight!

You got this!

RIP to Nippsy Hustle because he said it best..... life's a Marathon, now go RUN IT!

Ricardo J Reyna Jr

@GM1988 LLC

Aka "Ghost"

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