Turning points

With life turning upside down things have been all over the place for many of us I'm sure.

I mean, I thought I knew my kids when I was working 8-10hr shifts, Monday-Friday. Buuuuuut that, I quickly found out!

They have needs, of course right? They have a life to live too. One thing I always catch myself glancing at is, their future.

Now more than ever though.

With the Covid-19 having taken it's full effect on not just a few communities but the whole world, right?

The question is, what does it mean for all of us that will move on into the future?

That means, the game plan changes, right?

That means that the old ways of thinking are flushed out and this new door opens called "a turning point".

Where creativity steps to the forefront and where impact follows.

As a parent, I'm always looking for new ways to show my kids I'm trying. I want relationships with them as much as other parents make it seem, so very easy lol.

There's a time where a choice has to be made though.

Either you are left behind or you shift and take advantage of the turning point.

It's when your traveling one way and then happen to do a complete 180 degree rotation.

Which brings us to our next question.

How will you step into that turning point, or create it? What could you spark that could possibly help the way we live life NOW, in this time. When it seems like scarcity is always trying to creep up and knock at your front door and back door and trying to climb in through the windows.

What they mean when you should fall forward instead of backwards is anticipated action will leave no room for scarcity to delegate your movements or thinking, unless you let it.

Scratch out whatever negativity there is and leave it behind like you would if you just made the choice to let go of sweets.

Because it will only taste sweet for the moment but the guilt after enjoying it is the ugly part I would rather you not endure, of course right?

How much more better would you feel, move or act when you got to say no to something you were always use to saying yes to?

It's a victory in disguise until you finally reveal it through action, anticipated action though.

Be glorious, let no negativity run your household and if it's not, MORE POWER TO YOU.


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