With Patience comes Great Opportunity

About 1 year ago on father's day, I made a choice.

I was once again found myself at rock bottom BUT, was still trying so very hard to change my life.

What I was clueless about at that time is what makes me genuinely feel really happy now.

SO, if back then I would have known what I already understand and know now, I don't think I'd have those same kinda thoughts to keep working on myself.

I would have thought, who cares? Why should I change? I'm good where I'm at.

But I wasn't good where I was at and something in me kept tugging my shirt like, hey, you can't give up on yourself. You deserve better, your kids deserve better, your family deserves better, there are people depending on you.

I'm not shy to share the truth about some things so excuse me as I get very personal.

I use to be addicted to some drugs that almost took my sanity.

I cried for months, trying to quit it.

Trying to "break the pattern."

Trying to create my way out and it seemed like every time I tried harder, it got harder to quit.

I say this respectfully but only people who have had an addiction could understand the tug of war or the pull that something has on you when you fall into something. Keyword, FALL into it.

I'm no longer a victim to that addiction but there are plenty of souls out there crying in desperation, yearning to get out. Hurting for change.

I've gone through some dark times, dark places, and most of all quite some Hell multiple times because of my choices.

The day I made a new choice to get Fit, changed my life. The day I chose to give it to God, changed my life. The day I put my foot down and finally said Fu$% this SH#$, it's time bro.

Was the day I became better, improved, patient, mature, and much much more.

I may not live in a perfect world, we may not but there's always a choice to be better even if it's.05% or 5% each day. Improvement is Improvement.

My point is when sh$% hits the fan and you're the one still putting in work to keep building or to rebuild, don't discredit yourself.

Even just the thought of you believing you can get some through some things is powerful enough to inspire you for years and some.

It's what you do with that inspiration that WILL MATTER.

Today, it's a year later and I get to keep believing that I can inspire myself while I look to do the same for others.

The revelation that helped me was about patience back then.

Today before writing this I heard it in my soul,

"Good things come to those who wait."

1 year later after setting out on a mission is fitness and in my own life as a father, a human being, a person with a voice, just like you, I have had the privilege of finding freedom once again and idk how I could have done it. I've had companies reach out to me out of random, I've had random and countless opportunities come across my "desk" and I'm truly grateful. This is why I've started a coaching/mentoring business (with music and book writing to showcase my passion/purpose and love.) But to serve and help others find their purpose. 1 million people is the longterm goal before I leave this earth. Whether it's one on one or virtually driven, I have to do it.

So I tell you this today, there is a God, and you too have a purpose.

Be patient, those good things will soon enough be coming your way.

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